Sustainable growth

Responsible market participant

For AddLife, growth and sustainability are intertwined. Without making the business more efficient from an economic and societal perspective, long-term profitability will not be achieved. We therefore work to promote new initiatives that benefit both the planet and our growth.

We support customer’s sustainability work

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Sustainability through acquisition and investment processes

Another important part of securing sustainable growth is including the possible sustainability impact of acquisitions and investments. We have developed criteria to evaluate acquisitions and larger investments from a sustainability perspective which ensure that new companies and investments fit our targets.

Governance and KPIs

  • 100% of new acquisitions evaluated according to AddLife criteria
  • 100% of local board investments decision evaluated according to sustainability aspects
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Long-term growth combined with environment protection

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Our emissions

The majority of our emissions are indirect and stem from suppliers, distributors and B2B end-customers. AddLife's direct emissions only account for around 2% of the total emissions linked to our operations. We therefore engage in sustainable initiatives throughout the whole value chain to minimise the negative impact that our operations have on the environment. 


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Sustainable solutions


Sustainable culture