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We develop your company through active ownership through a successful process for integration and growth.

Do you have a profitable life science company in a leading niche position with opportunities to grow or are you facing a generational shift but want your company to keep the identity?

AddLife offers an attractive option with a decentralized business model. The subsidiaries continue to run their business with current management and under their own brand. AddLife adds financial stability, skills and tools that make it easier and more efficient to grow the business. For example, we have AddLife Academy and knowledge-sharing networks.

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Extensive experience of acquisitions

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What are we looking for?

  • European life science companies
  • Strong position in a market niche
  • Profitable and well-managed companies
  • Corporate philosophy and culture in line with AddLife
  • Sustainable business model
  • Continued commitment from management and key employees


What are we offering?

  • Financial stability
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing with other AddLife companies
  • AddLife Academy offers trainings in e.g. sales and leadership
  • Decentralised business model where the company keeps its brand, identity and culture
  • Competence and resources within sustainability, digitalisation and business development
  • Quote

    Smooth and efficient acquisition process

    - Kenneth Söderhäll, MD JK Lab Nordic

    Discussions about an extended collaboration with BergmanLabora began in the fall of 2018. Since then, there have been many cups of coffee and an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Once we agreed that it would be a good idea for the companies to merge, it was presented to AddLife. After that, it went quickly, from presented business idea to completed acquisition in less than six months.

    Bergmanlabora Jklab

AddLife´s Acquisitions since listing

Here you can find more information about our subsidiaries. Click on a country to see our acquisitions since AddLife was listed 2016.

Acquisitions Country Time Net Sales, SEKm No of employees Business Area
Emmat Medical Ltd Great Britain September, 2023 28 4 Medtech
JK Lab Nordic AB Sweden July, 2022 24 6 Labtech
BioCat GmbH Germany April, 2022 90 20 Labtech
O’Flynn Medical Ltd Ireland April, 2022 64 36 Medtech
Business from Telia Health Monitoring Sweden March, 2022 4 7 Medtech
MBA Incorporado S.L Spain January, 2022 670 285 Medtech
Camanio AB Sweden December, 2021 13 18 Medtech
Fischer Medical ApS Denmark November, 2021 60 12 Medtech
Bio-Connect Group Benelux September, 2021 140 31 Labtech
Healthcare 21 Group Irland, UK April, 2021 1 700 450 Medtech
Vision Ophthalmology Group Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Poland April, 2021 700 190 Medtech
Biomedica Italia s.r.l. Italy December, 2020 80 17 Medtech
Zafe Care Systems AB Sweden October, 2020 34 21 Medtech
DACH Medical Group Austria, Switzerland and Germany October, 2020 140 23 Medtech
Ropox A/S Denmark October, 2020 91 73 Medtech
Technipro-Pulmomed Pty Limited Australia August, 2020 12 5 Medtech
Euroclone S.p.A. Italy January, 2020 280 58 Labtech
Funksjonsutstyr AS Norway December, 2019 50 6 Medtech
Fysionord i Sollefteå Sweden September, 2019 6 2 Medtech
Lab-Vent Controls A/S and Koldt & Ryø El A/S Denmark August, 2019 52 20 Labtech
Business from Wellspect HealthCare Sweden April, 2019 170 14 Medtech
Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH Austria December, 2018 650 280 Labtech
Laboren ApS Denmark December, 2018 10 2 Labtech
Väinö Korpinen Oy Finland July, 2018 80 15 Medtech
Food Diagnostics AB Sweden March, 2018 10 3 Labtech
Ossano Scandinavia AB Sweden February, 2018 22 5 Medtech
Krabat AS Norge July, 2017 30 13 Medtech
Hepro AS Norge March, 2017 165 40 Medtech
TM Techno Medica AB Sweden January, 2017 30 5 Medtech
Biolin Scientific AB Sweden December, 2016 100 68 Labtech
Svan Care AB Sweden October, 2016 35 13 Medtech
V-Tech AB and Esthe-Tech AB Sweden April, 2016 50 11 Medtech

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