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Your Labtech distributor in 29 European countries

The subsidiaries in the Labtech business area cover the market of 29 European countries and provide products, solutions and services in diagnostics, biomedical research and laboratory analysis.

The Labtech business area works closely with customers and suppliers through highly developed local sales and service organisations. The companies have strong market positions and highly qualified personnel.
The business area offers products and solutions, including equipment, consumables and reagents, used to diagnose diseases, conduct research or perform analysis.

Our companies also provide training and technical service to facilitate effective equipment use. As a distributor, we can respond quickly to a changing market and deliver customer-tailored solutions.

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    One of the best distributors in Europe

    Peter Karlberg, VP Global Sales, Gradientech AB

    During a previous project, I came into contact with Petra Widemann from Biomedica. I thoroughly evaluated Biomedica and understood that it was one of the best distributors in Europe. When I then had to set up a distribution network for Gradientech, Biomedica was my first choice. Gradientech can now benefit from AddLife's large network and we have just chosen Triolab as a distributor for Scandinavia. We know AddLife has a range of world class subsidiaries and hope that the collaboration with Triolab will be as successful as with Biomedica.

    Peter Karlberg Gradientech

Labtech subsidiaries

Segments Labtech

Labtech´s strengths

  • Dedicated and highly qualified employees with many years of experience in the segment
  • High quality products, service, training programmes and advisory services
  • Long term collaboration with leading suppliers and exclusive distribution rights
  • Strong technical service organisation with local support
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    Employees with extensive knowledge

    - Peter Simonsbacka, CCO

    New products are constantly being developed in the laboratory segment and our challenge is to find tomorrow's products for the customers of the future. Therefore we need employees with extensive knowledge of the industry and a high-level scientific knowledge. Building long-term relationships with the customer is a key factor for our success.


    20211208 HIRES ADDLIFE 5579

Labtech 2022 in figures

Net sales:
3,880 SEKm


Employees: 767

Share of net sales: 43%


Net sales by market Labtech 2022

News from our Labtech subsidiaries

Tekninen Tuki Asiakkaan Tukena 768X403
15 August 2023
Technical support assisting customers

Triolab has its own technical support organisation consisting of 12 experienced professionals. Its purpose is to ensure the functionality of equipment used by our customers in human and veterinary health care and industrial and research fields, and to help if any problems occur.

Triolab OY
08 August 2023 | Biolin Scientific
Biolin Scientific and DKSH extend strategic partnership in the APAC region

By appointing DKSH as its key partner in nine thriving markets across Asia-Pacific, Biolin Scientific ensures that cutting-edge surface science technologies and solutions are easily accessible to researchers and scientists in these regions.

09 May 2023 | Triolab OY
Customer satisfaction & charity

As a sales organisation, we connect with our customers in many different ways. To be able to develop our operations and serve our customers in the best way possible, we are interested in how collaboration with us is proceeding. Because of this, we often ask how well we have succeeded.

17 March 2023 | Triolab OY
Sustainability is caring for others

Triolab, part of AddLife group's sustainability programme, focuses on environmental responsibility, fair business practices, and employee well-being. By optimising logistics and adhering to strict regulations, the company ensures reliability and fosters lasting partnerships.

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Peter Simonsbacka


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Mattias Bengtsson

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