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The AddLife Group is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit with committed people who are driven to improve both themselves and the company they work for. The employees are the core of who we are. We value safe forms of employment, a good working environment and individual development opportunities. For our group, a high ethical standard is a matter of course and we value transparency and integrity. We have zero tolerance regarding corruption, discrimination and other forms of behaviour that are not in line with our vision. We also expect our business partners to maintain a high standard.

Personal development

AddLife’s ambition is to maintain and strengthen the entrepreneurial culture, which in addition to contributing to our success also means that our employees have freedom under responsibility and the opportunity to develop skills and careers. Furthermore, we offer an educational platform called AddLife Academy, where we provide digital and physical training in subjects that all employees should know and apply in their daily work, such as corporate culture and business acumen. It is also a platform for network between employees from different companies and markets. Some of AddLife’s subsidiaries also have supplementary training regarding products, services, or specific local regulations.

Governance and KPIs

  • 90% of employees taking part of AddLife Academy sustainability training
  • Average corporate learning time per employee
  • Number of employees participating in AddLife Academy
Addlife Academy

Diversity and inclusion

Employees must be given equal opportunities regardless of gender, age, ethnic or national affiliation, religion, sexual orientation or disability. The employee survey is, among other things, used to ensure that any discrimination is detected and remedied. In addition, we have developed a whistleblowing channel that facilitates the reporting of suspected discrimination.

Governance and KPIs

  • Employee satisfaction 4.3 out of 5.0
  • 40/60% gender-balanced representation in management and senior positions
  • 100% of managers taking part of AddLife Academy leadership
  • Gender pay gap
  • Share of employees that have experienced discrimination and/or harassment
  • Share of employees that consider AddLife to be an inclusive workplace
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Business ethics

We create a sustainable supply chain by ensuring that ethical guidelines and national and international laws and regulations are followed. Furthermore, our zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and unfair anti-competitive measures is a central part of our corporate culture. This is our commitment to society and the people whose lives we strive to improve. It is also a commitment to our suppliers, who entrust us with their brand, and to our customers, who rely on fair and long-term partner relationships. We strive for all our employees to know and follow our code of conduct.

Governance and KPIs

  • 100% of employees completing AddLife’s Code of Conduct training
  • Number of reports in whistleblowing channel
  • Incidents of corruption
  • Share of ISO certificated companies
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