We strive to improve people´s lives

We always strive to improve people´s lives by being a leading, value-creating player in Life Science.

AddLife in Short

  • Develops and acquires profitable, market-leading niche companies in laboratory and medical technology with the ambition of driving the Life Science market forward
  • Has an entrepreneurial business model with independent subsidiaries
  • The majority of customers are in health care in the Nordic region, but we are also steadily increasing our global presence
  • Offers the latest technology in: equipment, instruments, reagents, consumable supplies, assistive technology, technical support and service

Our most important competitive advantages

AddLife owns and develops companies that enhance quality of life, reduce patient suffering and increase social benefit. To achieve this vision, we offer our subsidiaries competitive solutions that meet both the short-term and long-term needs of the customers. Below is our assessment of why AddLife has become a leading, value-generating operator in Life Science.


Small-scale operations on a large-scale basis

AddLife acquires and streamlines profitable market-leading niche companies in the field of Life Science. We will attain long-term profitable growth by continuously developing our business and organisation. AddLife combines the strength of a large enterprise with the dedication and business skills of an entrepreneur.


AddLife always strives to improve people´s lives by being a leading and value adding player within Life Science.

Business concept

AddLife shall add value to customers within healthcare, laboratories and research. We shall achieve this by offering cost efficient high quality products and solutions combined with qualified advisory services to the private and public sector mainly in the Nordics.

AddLife´s core values

AddLife’s core values are: Simplicity – Responsibility – Commitment – Innovative.
These core values are the guiding principles for our employees in their daily work and play a key role in our entrepreneurial business model.

Net Sales Growth

Net sales 2017 increased 20 percent to SEK 2 333 million, of which organic growth was 5 percent and acquired growth was 14 percent. Sales growth has since 2004/05 been 14 percent annual on average, of which 7 percent organic.

2 333 MSEK

Net Sales 2017

234 MSEK

EBITA 2017


Profitability 2017