Breast Cancer Awareness Month

AddLife 26/10/2023

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Sweden. Approximately 20 women are diagnosed every day. Breast cancer treatments have significantly improved over the past twenty years as a result of advances in medical research, technology and understanding of the disease. Today, the five-year survival rate is close to 90 percent, compared to around 75 percent in the 1990s. We've come a long way, but we have further to go.

Breast Cancer Research V2

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is a good opportunity to reflect and share some insights from our AddLife Group companies.  

Our Biomedical and Research and Diagnostics companies build partnerships with world leading global companies who are consistently pushing the boundaries in innovation that help advance cancer treatments. Here are a few examples:

Next generation sequencing: Accessibility to next generation sequencing has transformed genomics and has made a huge impact on access to personalised cancer treatments along with preventative care. @triolab and @Euroclone are active in this expansive area.

Periostin is a prognostic biomarker in breast cancer. @bionordika DK distributes market leading antibodies for detection of Periostin within cancer reseach

Our team at @Biomedica have developed the ELISA assay kit, to measure human serum periostin levels which aids breast cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment decisions.

News from AddLife’s subsidiaries

Skärmavbild 2023 11 02 Kl. 10.34.36
30 October 2023
Triolab´s Office dogs (on videos!)

Our employees’ dogs regularly visit Triolab’s main location in Turku. They are welcome guests whose presence spreads a good feeling throughout the workplace. We usually have one dog at a time at the office, but sometimes there may be two at the same time. Some of the dogs visiting Triolab stay for a couple of hours, and some for the full day. When their humans focus on work, the dogs rest on a leash by their side or walk freely around the office (for pats and even for treats, if so agreed). At lunchtime, some dogs wait at the canteen door, while others observe their human colleagues having their packed lunch in the lunchroom. At coffee breaks, the dogs get to be patted by their human colleagues. This page features videos about our canine colleagues’ office visits.

Triolab AB
Customer Service At The Heart Of Everything
02 October 2023
Customer service is at the heart of everything

Triolab’s customer service is the hub of all operations, and its wide-ranging duties require constant communication with both the customers and all Triolab’s operations. In customer service all are organised, thorough and responsible.

Triolab OY