The green initiative by Euroclone

Euroclone 08/07/2024

Euroclone has decided to replace the traditional cooling elements with eco-sustainable RecyCold bags. These bags are recyclable, reusable and made from biodegradable materials, making them the ideal eco-friendly choice for the biotech industry. RecyCold bags are made of paper and contain a completely biodegradable plant-based gel. Once used, the gel can be disposed of in the sink without environmental impact, while the paper bag is easily recyclable. These bags maintain temperatures from -2 to -5 °C and 2 to 8 °C for over 48 hours, ensuring the quality of our shipments. Why is this choice is so important: we use over 10,000 coolers per year, so our commitment to the environment will significantly impact sustainability. A small gesture that makes a big difference! 🌍


News from AddLife’s subsidiaries

04 July 2024
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