The business unit of the Surgery Division of Euroclone Spa merges into Biomedica Italia Srl.

Biomedica Italia 01/01/2024

Today, the branch of Euroclone Spa specializing in the distribution of surgical products merges into Biomedica Italia Srl, another company in the Addlife group.

Biomedica Italia Merge

Biomedica Italia, a company founded in 2020 with the acquisition of the branch of the Surgical Specialties Division from the Siad group, joined forces with MBA Italia in 2023 and acquired the WellSpect product branch from Mediplast Italia Srl in 2022, another company in the AddLife group.

With this additional operation of Euroclone Spa specializing in the distribution of surgical products, Biomedica Italia brings together all MedTech product distribution activities of the Addlife AB group into a single entity.

For more information please contact Luca Marenzi, Business Unit Manager Hospital

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