The AddLife AB team are growing stronger

AddLife 31/12/2023

The AddLife AB team are growing stronger, we are delighted to present our new team members to the AddLifeFamily.

Addlife New Staff 2023

Fredrik Marstorp, M&A Manager
Mergers and acquisitions are a vital part of AddLife’s growth strategy. Fredrik will run M&A processes and play a key role in building a pipeline of profitable and well-managed European life science companies with strong positions in specific market niches to ensure our continued growth at AddLife.

Malin Lindh, Group Business Controller
As part of our decentralised business model, we have requirements for growth, development, and profitability. Malin will play a key role in business evaluation and improving efficiency across our subsidiaries.

Timmy Rosendal, Head of Sustainability
Sustainability is important for our long-term business strategy. We aim to improve people's lives with our product offering while considering environmental, social, and governance issues. Timmy will play a key role in seizing new business opportunities and mitigating our impact.

Ioana Dragan, Head of Financial Control
The head of financial control role plays a key role in shaping AddLife’s financial strategy that aligns with our overall business objectives. Ioana will oversee our compliance with all financial reporting requirements whilst also ensuring accuracy and reliability of the financial information.

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