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  • Bergman Diagnostika

The Minister of Health opened PCR laboratory at Oslo University Hospital

Our skilled Tecan team works diligently with installations of robots at Oslo University Hospital's (Rikshospitalet) new PCR laboratory.

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  • Biolin Scientific

Red Dot Award for Product Design to Biolin Scientific

Clear aesthetics. The design of devices in science, research and industry applications largely defines the user experience of the people working in those areas.

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  • Triolab OY

How to detect COVID-19 - An overview from Triolab

Several methods have been developed in order to diagnose COVID-19 disease. Most methods detect either viral parts or human antibodies from the sample.

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  • Immuno Diagnostic Oy

Bioprinting – the future of research at Immuno Diagnostic Oy

Three-dimensional cell culture is a technique allowing new and innovative possibilities for research. In the best scenario a 3D tissue model could potentially replace the use of animal models in certain areas.

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