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  • VOG

VOG works to reduce cataract surgery waiting list in the UK

To help eye surgeons expand their private practices and reduce cataract surgery waiting list in the UK, discover the #catarActNow week

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  • Euroclone

Long-term responsibility paves the way for new business

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, there was a huge shortage of rapid and safe diagnostic methods. Immediately, AddLife’s Italian subsidiary, Euroclone, introduced a liquid handling robot that was completely new on the market.

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  • Triolab AB

When life hangs by a fragile thread

Blood gas analysis is an important diagnostic tool for measuring blood oxygenation in acute and severe illness. Oxygenation can quickly deteriorate and emergency treatment must be initiated to save the patient’s life – every minute counts.

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  • Biolin Scientific

Biolin Scientific´s InstruMentor guides your purchase

The InstruMentor helps the customers with an easier way to get the right instrument. Do you need a tensiometer or a QCM-D instrument?

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  • Holm&Halby

Get yourself a LAF Driver's Licence – now with Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is an effective learning and training tool and will certainly be the way forward in tomorrow’s teaching methods because VR experiences will stick better in your memory.

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  • Hepro

The support bar Gripo from Rognan occupies Canada

The Norwegian assistive technology supplier Hepro AS recently entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Bay Area Health Trust and Live Easy Inc. based in Ontario, Canada.

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  • Hepro

Stay longer at home with Hepro!

Click into our Gripo apartment and see how we can help you in VR360! Gripo is a solid and flexible support tool that provides security when getting up and moving around in the home.

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  • Ropox

A typical day is not quite like in other families

In the family’s new kitchen, there is fitted a height-adjustable ROPOX worktop with cooktop and sink. Now Saline can participate on equal terms with her mother, father and little brother.

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  • Immuno Diagnostic Oy

Easy, convenient and sensitive detection in COVID-19 in saliva

Immuno Diagnostic is the distributor of Isohelix GeneFiX™ saliva collection devices for COVID-19 sampling. Saliva provides a reliable alternative for detection of SARS-CoV-2 in patients with COVID-19.

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  • Bergman Diagnostika

Testing offshore workers to reduce infection of COVID-19

The oil company Aker Solutions BP tests all offshore workers with test from Bergman Diagnostika in Norway.

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