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  • BioNordika A/S

BioNordika was selected as an Elite Supplier by Mercell

Every year, Mercell nominates a number of Danish companies, which are among the largest suppliers to the public sector. BioNordika is certified as an Elite Supplier in the category Trade and transport.

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  • HC21

7th King’s Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection 2 Day Hands-on Workshop

Healthcare 21 in partnership with Fujifilm welcomed the return to a hands-on educational workshop in Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD).

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  • Triolab AB

The fight against SARS-CoV-2 continues

Another successful installation of the STARLET system from Seegene in Linköping Clinical Microbiology.

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  • Hepro

Welfare technology provides increased health benefits

Hepro Respons has become very important in the everyday lives of employees, patients, users and relatives in Norway.

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  • HC21

Transnasal endoscopy helps to reduce patient backlog due to COVID pandemic

HC21 help to improve the patient experience with transnasal endoscopy, a more comfortable and efficient procedure than a regular gastroscopy.

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  • Triolab OY

Coronavirus variants and coronavirus tests

Like other viruses, the coronavirus is constantly mutating. The tests used to detect new virus strains must be subject to continuous monitoring and development.

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  • Bergman Diagnostika

Faster insight into infections in nursing home patients

Nursing home patients often have multiple, chronic conditions that can make it difficult to diagnose infections.

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  • Svan Care

Svan Care has implemented the European regulations MDR 2017/745

We at Svan Care are proud to develop, manufacture and deliver products of the highest quality. An important part of this is to declare the products as medical devices (in this case class 1).

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  • DACH

DACH Medical - On site in the operating room

Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) is more beneficial and simplified for the patient. The wounds heal faster and the risk of complications is reduced. AddLife's subsidiary DACH Medical Group has a strong position in laparoscopy and the product specialists assist during surgery.

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  • VOG

Neither visible nor noticeable

VOG improves peoples lives with permanent lenses implanted in the eye. Like a permanent contact lens with the advantages of no tissue is changed - it is reversible.

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