Business area Medtech

The Medtech business area consists of twelve operating companies that provide medical device equipment, consumables, instruments and devices. Its customers are primarily hospitals and home healthcare. Sales in the Medtech business area totalled SEK 556 million for the 2016 financial year (nine months).

Medtech accounted for 37 percent of AddLife’s net sales in2016. Public sector tenders for hospitals in the Nordic countries account for more than 90 percent of sales. In order to be a competitive provider we offer a broad product portfolio since our customers have grown through consolidation, which in turn has also increased the size of the calls for tender. About 90 percent of our product and sales managers have a background in health care, which means they have the right expertise from a user perspective when dealing with our customer.

Medtech offering

Nine of Medtech’s operating companies belong to the subsidiary Group Mediplast. The companies are active in the market segments surgery, thoracic medicine, neurology, intervention, wound dressings, anaesthesiology, ICU, ENT, ostomies, enteral nutrition, and home healthcare products.
The products have been developed both under proprietary brands (approximately 20 percent) and by other well-known suppliers (about 80 percent). The wide line of products ranges from simple disposable items such as bandages to advanced products for use in neurosurgery. Other examples of products include protective clothing for surgical staff, surgical lamps, catheters, mixers for chemotherapy, heart valves, oxygen masks, ostomy products, and customised bidet toilets for people with disabilities.
In addition to sales, Medtech offers training to users of our products, as well as special training in areas such as surgery and electrosurgery.

We will continue our patient efforts to develop our own products in the companies and invest even more in product development.

Lars-Erik Rydell, Business Area Manager, Medtech


Sales of medical device equipment and supplies.
Geographic market: Mainly the Nordic countries and the Netherlands
Product segment: Surgery, thoracic medicine, neurology, intervention, bandages, anaesthesia/ICU, ENT, colostomy, enteral nutrition and home healthcare
Number of employees: 156

Sale of products for surgery, specialising in vascular surgery
Geographic market: Sweden, Norway and Finland
Product segment: Specialised medical care, surgery
Number of employees: 9

Sales of special products for aesthetic and plastic surgery
Geographic market: Sweden, Norway and Denmark
Product segment: Specialised medical care
Number of employees: 2

Develops, designs and markets assistive equipment in home healthcare.
Geographic market: Sweden and Norway
Product segment: Home care products and welfare technology
Number of employees: 40

Develops, designs and markets assistive equipment in home healthcare.
Geographic market: Sweden and Norway
Product segment: Bathroom products
Number of employees: 12