Business Area Medtech

In the Medtech business area the subsidiaries offer products, solutions and services in medtech and home care. Customers include hospitals, care facilities and users. The business area is active in the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe and to a limited extent, in Australia.

Enormous shortage of protective equipment was solved through great commitment

Ola Johansson and Daniel Sandberg, Logistics Mediplast Sweden

At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, there was an almost desperate situation with a shortage of protective products in healthcare. The products were out of stock with our suppliers and we were able to quickly probe the market. Through our wide network of contacts, we found a new supplier in China fairly immediately, but home transport during the pandemic proved to be a major challenge. After many trips, the goods could be shipped home by plane, boat and truck all the way from China. It felt incredibly good after all the commitment to see the products come out and be used in healthcare.


The Medtech business area

The Medtech business area offers medical device products to hospitals and for home care. The broad offering is a factor for success since tenders for hospitals are becoming increasingly large.

The Medtech companies offer medical devices to health services, as well as products within home care. The customers  are primarily publicly funded health care and social services in the The Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. The business area also has some exports of proprietary products to Europe, mainly to Germany and the Benelux countries. The broad product offering ranges from basic disposable items in dressings, such as compresses, to advanced products for thoracic surgery, such as heart valves.

Medtech also offers services such as training of users and special programs in surgery and electrosurgery. The home care segment offers products that make enable users to remain living at home longer.


The acquisition of DACH Medical Group strengthens our position in advanced surgery

Ove Sandin, Business Area Manager Medtech AddLife

The acquisition of DACH Medical Group strengthens our presence in Central Europe in advanced surgery. The acquisition complements with new markets in a niche where we already have great competence and market presence in several markets.



Medtech´s Product Segment

  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Respiration
  • Intensive care
  • Surgery
  • Wound care
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Fall prevention
  • Welfare technology
  • Bathroom-related assistive devices
  • Assistive devices for children with disabilities

The goal is to let people live at home longer

Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO Hepro Norge

AddLife acquired us in February 2017. The integration has gone very smoothly and AddLife has lived up to what they said to us during the acquisition process. In my experience, we have freedom with responsibility and the Parent Company has a long-term perspective regarding our business. We now have stronger muscles, new partners and opportunities to enter new markets. I strongly believe that together with AddLife and the other Medtech companies we will continue on this successful path.



AddVision is a leading European manufacturer-independent provider of high-quality ophthalmic products and services.

Geographical market: Core markets are Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Ireland and UK with additional markets throughout Europe

Segment: Distribution of intraocular lenses and other surgical implants, surgical equipment, service and supplies, and manufacturing of custom operating room kits, within ophthalmic surgery and diagnostics

Customer examples: Public as well as private healthcare; hospitals, individual clinics and chains

Amount of employees: 190

Sales of medical device, implants and equipments for advanced surgery

Geographical market: Italy, Vatican city and San Marino Republic

Segment: Neurosurgery, Spine surgery, Woundcare, Interventional Radiology, Pain Management, General Surgery

Customer examples: Public as well as private healthcare

Amount of employees: 18

Camanio offers digital services and welfare technology for health care and social care.

Geographical market: Sweden

Segment: Services for social care including digital care alarms and digital supervision. For health care we offer services for remote patient monitoring.

Customer examples: Public and private healthcare and social care, with focus on primary care of chronic patients, specialist care and elderly care.

Amount of employees: 33

DACH Medical Group: Sales of medical device equipment

Geographical market: DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Segment: General Surgery, thoracic surgery, bariatric surgery, urology, gynecology

Customer examples: Public and private hospitals

Amount of employees: 23

Fischer Medical is a Scandinavian supplier specializing in elective surgery in orthopedics and gynecology. Fischer Medica's suppliers are known for high quality and innovative solutions.

Geographical market: The Nordics

Segment: Instruments and implants for orthopedic surgery and non-surgical gynecology products

Customer examples: Public and private healthcare

Amount of employees: 10

Focus on flexibility and delivers a wide range of bathroom and kitchen aids suitable for elder and handicapped clientele

Geographical market: Norway

Segment: Specialises in flexible solutions for bathroom and kitchen with products that are designed and suitable for schools, hospitals and other institutions as well as the users private home

Customer examples: NAV, Elderly Homes, Care Homes, Hospitals

Amount of employees: 6

Healthcare 21 are an innovative and leading provider of sales, marketing, distribution, and service solutions to healthcare organisations.

Geographical market: Ireland, UK and Germany

Segment: Compression Therapy, Critical Care, Endoscopy, Instrumental Reprocessing, Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Medical, Orthopaedic, Pharma, Primary Care and Nursing, Rehab and Mobility, Scientific, Surgical, Urology, Woundcare

Customer examples: Public as well as private healthcare

Amount of employees: 465

Develops, designs and markets aids for home care for the elderly and technical aids of high quality for children and young people, as well as products in welfare technology

Geographical market: Sweden and Norway

Segment: Home care products, welfare technology, technical aids

Customer examples: Public sector and private healthcare, some sales directly to the end Public sector and private healthcare, NAV. Some sales directly to the end consumer

Amount of employees: 70

Sales of barrier-free and functional Gaius bathroom solutions, equipment and furniture

Geographical market: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Japan and Russia

Segment: Specialized in accessible bathroom products in hospitals, care homes, public spaces and homecare

Amount of employees: 15

MBA is a leader in the medical and surgical technology distribution sector

Geographical market: Spain, Portugal and Italy

Segment: Orthopaedics, traumatology, anaesthesia, surgery and neurosurgery

Customer examples: Private and public hospitals

Amount of employees: 292

Sales of medical device equipment and supplies

Geographical market: Mainly the Nordic countries and the Netherlands

Segment: Surgery, thoracic medicine, neurology, intervention, bandages, anaesthesia/ICU, ENT, colostomy, enteral nutrition and home healthcare

Customer examples: Public as well as private healthcare

Amount of employees: 156

We develop, produce and market kitchen and bathroom solutions as well as table solutions for disabled within the private and public sector

Geographical market: Worldwide

Segment: Healthcare industry

Customer examples: Public and private healthcare sector

Amount of employees: 72

Develops, designs and markets assistive equipment in home healthcare

Geographical market: Sweden and Norway

Segment: Bathroom products

Customer examples: Municipal home care and county councils

Amount of employees: 12

Zafe gives you modern security alarms for all types of care homes. Our systems help the staff to work efficiently while the residents have the opportunity to get assistance. We install technology that makes staff and residents feel comfortable and safe.

Geographical market: Sweden

Segment: Welfare technology

Customer examples: All types of care homes

Amount of employees: 20