The Labtech business area offers products, solutions and services in diagnostics, as well as in biomedical research and laboratory analysis. The subsidiaries have well developed local sales and service organisations to be able to work closely with customers and suppliers.

Labtech’s offering mainly targets everything for diagnostics and research laboratories in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. The products, which are used to diagnose diseases or to conduct research, include instruments and equipment, as well as consumables and reagents for the installed equipment. Laboratory technology is a knowledge-intensive area and customers are therefore offered services such as support, maintenance, advice and training to ensure efficient use of the equipment.

Freedom as a distributor allows us to respond quickly and early to find the products on the cutting edge of development

Peter Simonsbacka, Business Area Manager Labtech

Labtech net sales per country 2018

Net sales: SEK 1,451 million
EBITA: SEK 165 million
Employees: 357
Percentage of net sales: 58%

Labtech - Market trend in 2018

Sales growth in Labtech was somewhat slower in 2018 compared with previous years, however the trend for the diagnostics companies was favourable. Growth in Finland was particularly strong, thereby strengthening AddLife’s position in that market. During the year initiatives in molecular biology and microbiology continued and growth in the veterinary diagnostics segment was robust. Additional progress was made in the attractive and growing area of food diagnostics during the year through the acquisition of Food Diagnostics. All of the Nordic countries are continuing to focus on strengthening Life Science research.

Strong niche positions

Labtech has strong market positions in the Nordic region in several selected niches in point-of-care diagnostic analysis, molecular diagnostics and genetic research. These niches include reagents and equipment for coagulation and blood gas analysis, as well as reagents for biomedical research (gene modification in the laboratory environment). The laboratory industry is innovation-intensive. New products are developed all the time and the trend is moving towards an increasing proportion of point-of-care solutions, where Labtech’s companies are strong. In Labtech’s niche markets,
growth is mainly driven by technological development creating new applications in fields such as molecular biology and microbiology, as well as new applications for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). The freedom of working as a distributor enables Labtech to react quickly and to find the products that are on the absolute leading edge of developments at an early stage.

Demand for health care and social services is expected to continue to rise. The trend towards conducting testing and analyses increasingly at point-of-care continues. Working with the Company’s own local sales organisation and strong service organisation creates close relationships with customers and suppliers, which is a factor for success.

Labtech´s Product Segment

  • Hematology
  • Pathology
  • POC (point-of-care diagnostics)
  • Cellular biology
  • Analytical instruments
  • Consumables
  • Advanced instruments
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Immunology

We speak the same language as our customers

Kai Rantanen, CEO Triolab Finland

The laboratory industry is highly innovation-intensive. New products are constantly being developed and the trend is moving increasingly towards point-of-care solutions. Labtech’s product portfolio is currently an excellent fit for many customers. But our challenge is to find tomorrow's products for the customers of the future. We have to think the same way that our customers do – and have employees with extensive knowledge of the industry and a high-level scientific perspective. Building long-term  relationships where the customer clearly benefits from meeting you is a key factor for our success.



Sales of laboratory instruments and service services to research, industry, universities and colleges

Geographical market: Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Segment: Instruments and microscopy

Customer examples: Astra Zeneca, Lunds University, Karolinska Institute

Amount of employees: 16

Sales of analytical instruments and services for surface science research and development in academia and industry

Geographical market: World Wide

Segment: Advanced material development in academia and industry

Customer examples: P&G, IBM, Apple, BASF, Stanford University, Harvard University, Peking University

Amount of employees: 60

Wide assortment of products and services for the laboratory.

Geographical market: Central- and Eastern Europe

Segment: In vitro diagnostics, veterinary and food diagnostics, research reagents & instruments, Biomedica Immunoassays, Services

Customer examples: Private and Public Hospitals / Reference Centers / Private Laboratories / CROs / Research Institutes / Universities / Biotech & Pharma / Veterinary and Food Laboratories

Amount of employees: 280

BioNordika Group consists of: BioNordika Sweden AB, BioNordika Denmark A/S, BioNordika Finland OY, BioNordika Norway AS. Sales of laboratory equipment and reagents mainly for research

Geographical market: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia

Segment: Cell & Molecular Biology, immunology for academic research and pharma industry, as well as laboratory equipment

Customer examples: AstraZeneca, Karolinska Institute, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland

Amount of employees: 36

Supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of laboratory equipment and reagents.

Geographical market: Italy

Segment: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, NGS, Immunology, Lab Equipment, Plasticware, HighTech Instrument and Medical Devices for the Life Science and Healthcare sector.

Customer examples: University research centres , Private research centres, Private and Public Hospital, Pharmaceutical Company, Industrial Company and Diagnostic Laboratories

Amount of employees: 58

Sales of laboratory equipment and service to research, industry and universities

Geographical market: Denmark

Segment: Wide range of basic products and analysis instruments for laboratories

Customer examples: Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, LeoPharma, University of Copenhagen

Amount of employees: 49

Sales of diagnostic instruments and reagents to customers in the public healthcare setting and academic research

Geographical market: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia

Segment: Molecular diagnostics, microbiology, pathology, genetics, cell biology, laboratory microscopes and surgical microscopes

Customer examples: HUSLAB, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Oulu University Hospital

Amount of employees: 32

Production and sales of equipment for microbiological analyses to laboratories within the food industry

Geographical market: Mainly Europe and Northern America

Segment: Food microbiology

Customer examples: Eurofins, Synlab

Amount of employees: 10

Lab-Vent Controls A/S manufactures and installs control systems and alarms for ventilation systems in laboratories and operating rooms.

Geographical market: Denmark

Segment: Specialized ventilation solutions for laboratories and clean rooms with high demands on controlling air flows

Customer examples: University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University Hospital, University of Aarhus, Novo Nordisk, Rigshospitalet, Niels Bohr Institute

Amount of employees: 20

Triolab Group consists of: Triolab AB (Sweden), Triolab A/S (Denmark), Triolab OY (Finland), Triolab Baltic Oü (Estonia, Lithuania and Lativa), Bergman Diagnostika AS (Norway). Sales of diagnostic instruments and reagents

Geographical market: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

Segment: Blood gas, clinical chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, pathology, hematology, POC and veterinary for customers in public sector and private sector medical care, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Customer examples: Karolinska University Hospital, Sahlgrenska Hospital, Odense University Hospital, Novo Nordisk, HUSLAB, Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District, Norwegian Health Care, Rikshospitalet, Haukeland University Hospital, St. Olavs Hospital

Amount of employees: 137