Business area Labtech

AddLife’s Labtech business area consists of 18 operating companies within diagnostics and biomedical research, as well as laboratory analysis. Products primarily include instruments
and equipment, combined with reagents to diagnose diseases or conduct research. Sales in this business area totalled SEK 930 million for the 2016 financial year (nine months).

Labtech is our larger business area and accounted for 63 percent of AddLife’s net sales in 2016. Its customers are primarily health care and research laboratories, colleges and
universities, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Labtech offering

Labtech offers products and solutions that include analysis instruments, microscopes, consumables and reagents, as well as application and technical service. Training programmes, seminars and advice are also offered in various areas to ensure that customers have the appropriate skills and to maximise user benefit for our products. Our Labtech companies are mainly active in microbiology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, molecular biology, immunology, point-of-care analysis, veterinary diagnostics, and research, as well as in the food industry.

High level of expertise and customer focus are the common factors for all Labtech employees

Peter Simonsbacka, Business Area Manager, Labtech
Annual Report 2016


Sales of laboratory equipment and service to research, industry, colleges and universities
Geographic market: Sweden
Product segment: Analytical instruments and equipment as well as microscopy
Number of employees: 30

Sales of analysis instruments and services for research and development within academia and industry
Geographic market: Global
Product segment: Analytical instruments, based on precision measurement technology, for materials analysis
Number of employees: 68

Sales of laboratory equipment and reagents mainly for research
Geographic market: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia
Product segment: Cell & Molecular Biology, immunology for academic research and pharma industry, as well as laboratory equipment
Number of employees: 36

Sales of laboratory equipment and service
Geographic market: Denmark
Product segment: Wide range of basic products and analysis instruments for laboratories
Number of employees: 46

Sales of diagnostic instruments and reagents to customers in the public healthcare setting and academic research
Geographic market: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia
Product segment: Molecular diagnostics, microbiology, pathology, genetics, cell biology, laboratory microscopes and surgical microscopes
Number of employees: 32



Production and sales of equipment for microbiological analyses to laboratories within the food industry
Geographic market: Mainly northern Europe, US and Canada
Product segment: Microbiology within the food industry
Number of employees: 7

Sales of diagnostic instruments and reagents
Geographic market: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
Product segment: Blood gas, clinical chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, pathology and veterinary for customers in public sector and private sector medical care, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.
Number of employees: 137