The business is focused on selected niches in laboratory analysis and medical technology where AddLife is a leading independent distributor to the European Life Science market. Sales occur in about 25 countries, primarily in the Nordic region, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Its customers are primarily hospitals and laboratories, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The 43 subsidiaries have strong brands in their product portfolio. The Group is the market leader in the Nordic region in several of its niche areas and also operates in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic region, the Benelux countries, Italy and China.

Net sales by market 2018

The Nordic countries in figures

  • The Life Science market in 2018: approximately SEK 50 billion
  • Growth Life Science 2018: approximately 2–3 percent
  • The population is expected to increase by about one million people every five years until 2040
  • The number of individuals age 65 and older has increased by 27 percent since 2002 and is expected to grow by around 1.7 percent per year
  • 91 percent of AddLife’s sales currently take place in the Nordic countries

Four Nordic market trends

Generally speaking, attitudes in the Nordic Life Science market are encouraging. Most people seem to agree that health care and social services are areas of society that must be prioritised and improved. AddLife is a leading, value-generating provider in Life Science in the Nordic region and our strategy is based on harnessing the main market trends in the Nordic region.

With a growing and aging population suffering from chronic diseases that require lengthy treatment, the need for health care and social services is constantly growing in the Nordic
countries. Consequently, demand for AddLife’s offering in health care, laboratories and research will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future.

Structural changes
The aging and growing population poses challenges for health care. In recent years, extensive consolidation initiatives and structural reforms have been implemented at the county council and regional levels in all of the Nordic countries. Change is constantly underway in the effort to find new working methods and structures that streamline procedures to improve patient care.

Technological development
Because of rapid technological developments in health care, laboratories and research our subsidiaries must remain on the cutting edge to ensure that their product and service offerings meet future needs.

Public procurement
The trend is clear that public procurement is becoming larger in scope and contract times are often longer. AddLife must therefore continue to focus on quality, service and sustainability to cope with the growing demands, volumes and competition we see in public procurement.


The Life Science-market ecosystem

Focus on two segments

The Life Science market is complex and consists of several market segments that serves as an ecosystem. The various market segments affect one another and are dependent on each other for development. AddLife is active in two selected nisches:

  • Labtech offers products and services in diagnostics, as well as biomedical research and laboratory equipment
  • Medtech offers products and services in medical technology and home care

Health Care
The products in our Medtech portfolio are used to provide care and treatment. Medtech Business Area

Diagnostic analysis
Our diagnostics portfolio provides solutions for diagnostic analysis of patient samples. Labtech Business Area

Research, Development and Industrial Analysis
Our products cover needs in research and development, as well as industrial analysis. Labtech Business Area

Customers throughout the Nordic countries

AddLife does not have any customer relationships of its own, since all customer contacts and business relationships with customers take place in our subsidiaries. Our customers, which can be found in both the private and public sectors, are primarily hospitals, laboratories within the healthcare system, research, colleges, universities and the food and pharmaceutical industries in the Nordic countries. The majority are in the public sector.


Close collaboration with leading suppliers

AddLife works with several different strategic suppliers. Our aim is to establish close collaboration with leading global suppliers within our niche areas in all of the Nordic countries. Over the years we have developed long-term relationships and partnerships that have enabled AddLife to achieve leading market positions in certain market niches. As an independent participant, we can offer customised solutions that can be a combination of products from several of AddLife’s more than 1,400 suppliers.



AstraZeneca - Eurofins - Helsinki University Hospital - Karolinska Hospital - Novo Nordisk - Oslo University Hospital (Rikshospitalet) - Sahlgrenska Hospital etc.