AddLife operations

AddLife group consist of about 30 subsidiaries. AddLife develop and acquires market-leading niche companies within Life Science.

The group AddLife has net sales of approximately SEK 2 billion and approximately 600 employees. 

The Company has an entrepreneur-driven structure with independent subsidiaries and efficient decentralised corporate governance built on active board work in and financial governance of the subsidiaries and combined with a tried and tested business culture based on the Company’s common core values, vision and corporate philosophy.

The subsidiaries, that runs its operations under their own brand, offers high-quality products, services and advice within Life Science. AddLife creates optimal conditions for the profitability and growth for the subsidiary by combining the larger company´s resources, network and sustainability in combination with the smaller company´s flexibility, personality and effectiveness.

Business areas

AddLife conducts is business in two business areas; Labtech and Medtech.

The Labtech business area is the largest business area with approx. 63 percent of the Group´s net sales (2016 Annual Report). 

The business area is focused on products and services to the market segments diagnostics and biomedical research, as well as laboratory analysis. The companies deliver various products and solutions that include analytical instruments and equipment and reagents, that are used for diagnostics or biomedical research.

Medtech business area is approx. 37 percent of the Group´s net sales (2016 Annual Report). The Medtech companies provide various solutions in the form of medical device equipment, consumables, instruments and devices, primarily to hospitals, other surgical facilities and home care. The companies are active in the market segments surgery, thoracic medicine, neurology, wound dressings, anaesthesiology, ICU, ENT, ostomies, and home healthcare products.