We encourage everybody to report conditions that may conflict with the Group’s Code of Conduct. AddLife´s whistleblower system should only be used as a reporting channel of serious wrongdoing. Information sent through this form will be received only by AddLife´s CEO.

Please consider the following before reporting:

  • Is there a lack of trust in ordinary reporting lines?
  • Do you have reasons to believe that a concern may not be treated properly and adequately addressed by your immediate superior or the local management?

Please try to answer the following questions when sending your mail:

  • What has happened?
  • Where has this happened?
  • When has this happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • Which other persons may have knowledge of the above mentioned or may have access to relevant information?
  • Is there any documentation or other supporting records available that may serve as evidence? If so, please include this information.
  • Is there any other information that may be relevant or useful for the investigation or otherwise?

AddLife will not be able to provide you with any feedback if you choose to submit whistleblower information anonymously. Please fill in your contact details below to receive response.

There will be no penalty or other negative consequences for people who provide information in good faith and in line with the aims of the Code of Conduct.