AddLife from a sustainability perspective

AddLife’s vision is to improve people's lives by being a leading, value-creating player in Life Science. We embrace corporate social responsibility, where sustainability is an integral part of our business value. We accept our responsibility for sustainability throughout the entire supply chain as an employer, producer and distributor, as well as in our role as a market participant.

The pandemic accelerates the sustainability work

Eva Lundberg, QA/RA Manager Mediplast Sverige

The pandemic has made us more digital and thus more sustainable.We do not travel if we do not have to and most meetings take place digitally. We at QA / RA at Mediplast are responsible for ensuring that the products are of the right quality and that we comply with laws and regulations. During the pandemic, we had to change our way of working. Even quality audits are now performed digitally where we film to be able to make an assessment in real time. I believe that we will maintain many of the new habits even after the pandemic, as they make our work considerably more efficient.


Sustainable supply chain

We work with global suppliers whose production facilities are located all over the world. Our ambition is to take responsibility for the entire supply chain from production to end customer. As a distributor, we only have an indirect impact on the environment, hence, it is important to us to set clear requirements that our suppliers must meet. Thanks to our lengthy and well-established relationships with our suppliers, we have the opportunity to require high standards on materials and  sustainable production at every level. When we act as producer we can control the supply chain in greater detail.

The subsidiaries are responsible for obtaining and delivering the products they sell. Consequently, efficient logistics and warehouse management are essential, which contribute both to reduce environmental impact and increase profitability. The dedication of each employee makes AddLife’s successes possible. We place great emphasis on offering all employees the opportunity to grow, to thrive and to be challenged. As employer, we take responsibility for creating a safe and pleasant work environment. We want to attract and retain employees who support our core values and our Code of Conduct, and who have the right skills to grow our business. Our employees are continually trained in our corporate culture and have the opportunity to improve their business skills through the courses offered at AddLife Academy.

As a market player, it is important for us to take ethical responsibility for our business. All of our employees should know our Code of Conduct and we expect our suppliers to respect internationally recognised principles regarding anti-corruption, workplace health and safety and human rights. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is evaluated in ongoing contractual relationships.


Stakeholder dialogues

AddLife’s most important stakeholders are customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. We pursue ongoing dialogues with these parties, which provide important information that we use for both business and sustainable development  purposes.

In 2017 AddLife conducted stakeholder dialogues with subsequent materiality analysis. The purpose of the study was to develop the company’s sustainability efforts and to create a basis for sustainability reporting. An analysis of stakeholder expectations and requirements, combined with the importance of the areas for the business, including the actual ability to have an influence, helped us to identify eight important issues related to sustainability. Based on these issues we have identified six of the 17 UN global sustainable development goals that we actively work with.

We have divided these goals into three focus areas: responsible employer, responsible distributor and producer, as well as responsible market participant.

UN global sustainable development goals

  • Goal 5 – Gender equality
  • Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 10 – Reduced inequalities
  • Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions

A responsible company

The Life Science industry is characterised by high demands for product safety and regulatory compliance. In Europe, medical device products are regulated by EU directives and regulations. Products must be CE-certified before they can be marketed in Europe. For AddLife, sustainability is an obvious and natural part of business value. Sustainability efforts ensure the Group's long-term earning capacity, growth, social responsibility and competitiveness.

These activities are carried out in accordance with the Group’s fundamental requirements for growth, profitability and sustainable development. The Code of Conduct and the core values simplicity, responsibility, commitment and   innovative form the foundation based on which AddLife employees act in their daily work.

In addition to financial requirements and guidelines, business is also conducted with high standards regarding ethics, morality and integrity. At AddLife we believe that business is generated by people and good relationships.


  • Completed employee survey
  • Implementation of measures identified in last year’s employee survey
  • Digitalised parts of the course selection at AddLife Academy
  • New course in AddLife Academy within public procurement
  • New training materials on sustainability have been developed for AddLife Academy
  • Procured common platform for IT
  • Competitive procurement process for suppliers of shipping services, aimed at reducing costs and environmental impact


  • Proactively work against discrimination through leadership training and AddLife Academy
  • Continue the digitalisation of the course offering within AddLife Academy
  • Begin implementation of Group-common IT platform
  • Conduct employee survey
  • Develop the process for evaluation and approval of new suppliers
  • Geographic mapping of supplier chain
  • Updated green car policy
  • Update of AddLife’s code of conduct
  • All new employees will receive training to learn about the code of conduct
  • Continued ISO-certification of our companies

Code of Conduct


Sustainability Report