Sustainability – part of our daily lives

Issues related to environmental, social and ethical accountability are important for AddLife. Our Code of Conduct describes the relationship between AddLife and its employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. The CEO of each subsidiary is responsible for ensuring that day-to-day operations comply with the Code of Conduct.

The aims of AddLife’s sustainability efforts are as follow

  • they will result in continuous sustainable and profitable development of the subsidiaries.
  • we will contribute, overall, to the sustainable development of the community.
  • the Company will be more attractive as a business partner for customers and as an employer for current and future employees.

We accept our responsibility

At AddLife, it is a given that we will conduct business ethically, with respect for the environment and accept our social responsibility Sustainability considerations are a natural part of everyday life and fall under one of our core values – accountability. In 2016 AddLife launched an internal initiative to become even stronger as a sustainable company. For example, we ensured that the Code of Conduct gained support among the employees in the subsidiaries and we also formulated employee and supplier questionnaires to learn how we can improve. We have now
established a basic foundation for our sustainability initiatives and will now continue to restructure and improve our efforts in this area.

Active environmental work

AddLife’s subsidiaries are primarily engaged in commerce and businesses that have a limited direct environmental impact. Within the Group, we pursue an active environmental programme to reduce our environmental footprint. Fourteen companies of the 30 operating subsidiaries are certified to ISO 9001 or equivalent. The Swedish subsidiaries are affiliated with the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (formerly the REPA registry) and the equivalent applies to our subsidiaries in other countries. This means that we have producer responsibility to take
care of our waste in an environmentally safe manner even after customers use the products. AddLife also works on improvement measures in other areas that we can influence; for example, about 80 percent of the electricity used in the Group comes from renewable sources.

Code of Conduct

AddLife’s business shall be conducted to promote healthy, long-term growth. In addition to business administration requirements, goals and guidelines, we also have high standards regarding ethics and integrity. It is therefore important that we always act professionally, honestly and ethically. We support the UN Global Compact, ILO core conventions and OECD guidelines for multinational companies and our Code of Conduct is based on these policies. The Code of Conduct applies to both our own business and in relation to our suppliers. AddLife’s long-term
goal is for all suppliers to our subsidiaries to comply with the Code of Conduct.

The important thing for us in terms of sustainability is how we act and ensure that we really accept our responsibility.

Kristina Willgård, VD och koncernchef AddLife