AddLife´s three overarching strategies

Market-leading positions

AddLife’s subsidiaries shall be market leaders and build value-generating positions in selected niches with a high knowledge and technology content in Life Science. The operations and business models are based on being highly qualified suppliers and advisors in a market with rapid technological developments. Sales of products and solutions build on close relationships with customers, manufacturers and suppliers. Being market leaders is important for us to achieve stable earnings growth and lasting profitability. For AddLife, being a market leader is not defined as achieving the highest sales; our concept is to occupy a market-leading niche with high profitability.

Operational mobility

Our subsidiaries should be flexible and agile so that they can harness new business opportunities and act in the context of rapid technological advances. Through active ownership and work by the Board of Directors, we work with the subsidiaries to improve profitability, pursue development issues and thereby create operational mobility. The key is often to heighten efficiency or change operations to create better conditions for business concepts and development of profitability.


Growth through acquisition is important for AddLife to achieve our financial target for long-term earnings growth. We are always looking for new Life Science companies that can strengthen our existing operations or contribute with new product or market segments where the conditions are right for taking leading niche positions. We acquire companies in order to maintain and 
further develop them in the long term. The new companies contribute with a presence in new market segments, complementary suppliers and skilled employees with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years AddLife has acquired and integrated many companies and based on this experience, a clear and successful process has evolved for integration and development of acquired companies.