Our employees are our most valuable asset

The AddLife Group is characterized by strong entrepreneurial energy with dedicated employees who are driven to improve both themselves and the company they work for. Employees are our most important resource and AddLife emphasis secure  forms of employment, a good work environment and individual growth opportunities.

Code of Conduct and core values

AddLife's code of conduct is the foundation of our sustainability work. Together with our core values - Simplicity, Responsibility, Commitment, Innovative - the code of conduct is the base for our daily work. It provides guidelines on how we behave and do business as well as how we look at our relationships with the world around us. The code of conducts covers all our subsidiaries and all employees.

Innovation helps us to develop our working methods

Torill Wertebach and Catherine Pettersen, Marknad Bergman Diagnostika AS Norge

The world is changing and evolving rapidly, both technically and digitally. During the covid-19 pandemic, it has become even more important to keep in touch digitally with customers and suppliers. That is why we have started to use the Smarketing method, which effectively connects competencies in sales and marketing. Innovation is one of our core values and should permeate everything from organizational and product development to new ways of reaching customers.


AddLife Academy

Corporate culture and business skills
Our own business school, AddLife Academy is a key to success and central to the development of the employees and thus for the development of the entire Group. This is where we build our shared values and ensure that the AddLife Group has a supply of the skills it needs. AddLife Academy provides a forum where we can build internal networks that are important for growth. It increases our competitiveness, which then increases the profitability of the Group. In the course Vision and Corporate Philosophy, participants develop a solid foundation in our corporate culture and fundamental business skills. For example, we carefully go through our core values and our Code of Conduct. The course clarifies how we do business and how we conduct ourselves in daily life. In addition, employees learn how AddLife views economic sustainability and we talk about our fundamental requirements for  growth, profitability and sustainable development.

AddLife Academy is intended for all employees. We have had 3,230 course participants since its inception in 2016. In conjunction with acquisitions and hiring, all new employees take the Vision and Corporate Philosophy course. We also offer courses in sales, negotiation techniques and leadership as well as customised courses in marketing, service and finance. The course selection is developed and expanded every year as the Group grows and new skills are added to the companies to take advantage of and expand the talent and commitment within the Group.

The leadership training gave me effective tools

Maja Kova─Ź, Country Manager Biomedica Kroatia

The digital leadership training was very inspiring. I received tips on how I can identify areas for improvement such as processes and how to structure the practical work. The training made me more effective as a leader. In addition I got good and simple tools to improve communication within my team, it is easy; start by explaining what to do, describe how and explain why - then your employees will be motivated!