Long-term profitable growth

AddLife develops and acquires profitable market-leading niche companies within Life Science. Our goal is to achieve long-term growth and sustainable development.

AddLife combines the strength of a large enterprise with the dedication and business skills of an entrepreneur. The Parent Company is an active owner with a focus on each subsidiary to promote growth and improve profitability. The subsidiaries are responsible for their own business activities within the context of the requirements that the Group sets for growth, profitability and sustainable development.

Small-Scale Business - Large-Scale Wise

AddLife’s organisation is decentralised and entrepreneurdriven. Each subsidiary is responsible for its own business activities within the context of the requirements for growth, profitability and sustainable development set by the Group. At the same time they have access to AddLife’s collective resources, networks and industry expertise through the Parent Company and by exchanging experiences with other companies in the Group. The Parent Company ensures financial stability, while providing tools and resources designed to help the subsidiaries to run their businesses more easily and efficiently. The Parent Company also runs the business school – AddLife Academy – that all employees attend and which has an important  unifying function. The combination of the strength of a large enterprise with the commitment and business skills of the entrepreneur is animportant factor for success for the AddLife Group.


An entity that works

We combine the advantages of the subsidiaries, such as flexibility, a personal approach and efficiency with AddLife’s aggregate resources, networks and industrial expertise. AddLife is an active owner that prioritises business development together with the companies. In this way the Group can optimise long-term sustainable growth and profitability. Our decentralised corporate structure also entails less dependence on individual customers and suppliers.

Market leader in selected niches

The Life Science market is large and relatively fragmented and overall, AddLife has a small market share. We are active in several attractive niches in various product segments and have established stable and growing sales in these areas. We are currently the market leader in several specific niches, in different geographic locations, and in the fields of biomedical research and laboratory analysis, diagnostics such as blood gas analysis, medical technology, such as ear, nose and throat, and welfare technology.

Customers can be found in our operating subsidiaries

AddLife does not have any customer relationships of its own, since all customer contacts and business relationships with customers take place in our operating subsidiaries. Our customers, which can be found in both the private and public sectors, are primarily hospitals, home care, laboratories within the healthcare system, research, colleges, universities and the food and pharmaceutical industries. The majority can be found in the public sector, where sales take place through public procurement.