Business Model

We acquire and streamline profitable market-leading niche companies in the field of Life Science. AddLife will attain long-term profitable growth by continuously developing its business and organisation.

AddLife combines the strength of a large enterprise with the dedication and business skills of an entrepreneur. We are active owners with a focus on each subsidiary to promote growth and improve profitability. We call it Small Scale Business – Large Scale-Wise

Subsidiaries are responsible for their own business

The AddLife Group consists of the Parent Company, AddLife AB, and 32 operating subsidiaries. The Parent Company provides financial stability, resources and tools designed to make it easier and more efficient for our subsidiaries to run their businesses. For example we can mention AddLife Academy, the business school that all of our employees attend, and the networks we build in the group within different areas of responsibiltity.

Labtech and Medtech are our two business areas within which the subsidiaries merge their entrepreneurial skills with individual accountability. Our decentralised organisation and entrepreneurial culture are key competitive advantages for the AddLife Group. Each subsidiary has its own CEO who are fully responsible for the company's business within the specified limits and requirements that the Parent Company imposes on the businesses.

The basic requirements of the Parent Company are that the subsidiaries should have growth, show profitability and pursue sustainable development. The Parent Company manages the subsidiaries through active board work to ensure that they achieve the Group’s financial targets for profit growth and profitability.