Business Model

Long-term growth and profitability in focus

AddLife will attain long-term profitable growth by continuously developing its business and organisation. We acquire and streamline profitable market-leading niche companies in the
field of Life Science. Each AddLife subsidiary is responsible for its own strategy and formulates its own annual scorecard.

The Board of Directors of each subsidiary descides on its strategy and business model. The companies formulate a scorecard comprising a business plan for the coming year, an overview of the organisation, a comprehensive analysis of profitability expressed as P/WC, and earnings and profitability targets. The strategic three-year plan for each subsidiary is also updated.

Small-scale operation on a large scale

AddLife combines the strength of a large enterprise with the dedication and business skills of an entrepreneur. We are active owners with a focus on each subsidiary to promote growth and improve profitability. The subsidiaries are responsible for their own business activities within the context of the requirements that the Group sets for growth, profitability and evelopment. By combining the advantageous flexibility, personal touch and efficiency of a small enterprise with the resources, networks and industrial competence of a large enterprise, AddLife can optimise long-term growth and profitability. Our decentralised corporate structure also entails less dependence on individual customers and suppliers.

AddLife combines the large company´s strength with the entrepreneurial engagement and business acumen


Well-functioning entity

The AddLife Group consists of the Parent Company, AddLife AB, and 30 operating subsidiaries. The subsidiaries have a common business model in which entrepreneurial business acumen is combined with individual accountability. The decentralised organisation and the entrepreneurial culture are key competitive advantages for the AddLife Group. AddLife AB is headquartered in Stockholm and the Swedish subsidiaries are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and the Malmö area. The Norwegian subsidiaries are located in the Oslo area, the Danish subsidiaries in the
Copenhagen area and the Finnish subsidiaries in Hämeenlinna, Turku and Helsinki.

Each subsidiary is responsible for its own business

The Parent Company AddLife AB contributes by providing financial stability, resources and tools designed to make it easier and more efficient for our subsidiaries to run their businesses. The Parent Company has nine employees who constitute Group Management and business area management, as well as the finance and accounting function. In addition to gathering the financial aspects under its umbrella, the Parent Company runs various joint initiatives, such as the Business School and other common business tools. For example, the Group level offers framework agreements for purchasing and procurement of banking and audit services, as well as insurance. AddLife AB has two business areas: Labtech and Medtech. Our decentralised organisation is divided into several subsidiaries, each of which has its own CEO and CFO, who are fully responsible for the company’s business within the specified limits and requirements that the Parent Company imposes on the businesses.