We create value through acquisitions

Acquisition of world leading material science company

In December 2016, AddLife acquired Biolin Scientific AB, a leading Nordic developer and manufacturer of analysis instruments for material analysis within nanotechnology. The business has an attractive product portfolio and is the world leading company in materials science. The company has experienced strong international growth with good profitability for many years. Its customers can be found primarily within research worldwide. Biolin Scientific has global sales via its own subsidiaries in the US, the UK and China, as well as via distributors. Research and manufacturing take place in Sweden and Finland. The acquisition represents yet another step in AddLife’s international expansion beyond the boundaries of the Nordic countries.
In addition, in 2016 Labtech took over the business of Leica Biosystems in Sweden and Denmark and integrated it into our existing companies.

Acquisitions for Medtech during 2016

AddLife acquired the following companies in 2016 in order to expand and optimise the Medtech product portfolio:

  • V-Tech AB: markets surgical products and specialises in vascular surgery.
  • Esthe-Tech AB: special products for aesthetic and plastic surgery.
  • Svan Care AB: develops, designs and markets assistive technology for the strongly growing field of home healthcare.
  • After the end of the financial year AddLife acquired Techno Medica AB, a leading Swedish distributor of enteral nutrition products, and Hepro-Group, one of the leading participants in the Norwegian home healthcare market.
  • In addition to the acquisitions, Mediplast AB signed an agreement to represent Medline with respect to sales and support in the Nordic countries. Medline is the world’s largest privately held medical equipment company.

We develop your company through active ownership

AddLife is always looking for new Life Science companies that can bolster the Company’s existing operations or contribute with new product or market segments where the conditions are right for taking leading niche positions. Growth through acquisition is an important and central component of business and organisational growth and necessary to achieve the Company’s financial target for long-term earnings growth.

Acquisitions for development

AddLife acquires companies in order to maintain and further develop them in the long term. The new companies, many of which are often managed by their founders and entrepreneurs, contribute with a presence in new market segments, complementary suppliers and skilled employees with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

For many founders who want to sell their company, AddLife offers an attractive option since the Company’s decentralised business model means that the companies continue to operate independently within the frame of AddLife’s management. 

Long history of acquisitions

AddLife has a long history of acquisitions of companies and has developed a clear and successful process for integrating and developing acquired companies

The road to a successful acquisition for both buyers and sellers may well take several years, which minimises risk and improves the prospects of a satisfactory outcome for both the parties and the key employees. In each acquisition process the company is evaluated according to a series of acquisition criteria that, when met, provide a solid foundation for further development within AddLife. Subsidiaries, which as a rule are wholly-owned, usually continue operations under their own brand, but are grafted to AddLife’s corporate culture and financial governance model.

AddLife’s governance model is implemented in the new subsidiary in conjunction with the acquisition. A new Board of Directors is appointed for the company, while corporate governance and operational management change to be brought into line with AddLife’s models and tools.