The support bar Gripo from Rognan occupies Canada

The Norwegian assistive technology supplier Hepro AS recently entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Bay Area Health Trust and Live Easy Inc. based in Ontario, Canada.


The agreement is primarily about the sale and distribution of the well-known support bar Gripo to the Canadian market, but there are already talks underway to expand with additional products and services.

- This agreement is very important to us. Canada is a very important market in which we want to become a significant player. We have high hopes for the agreement, and we look forward to work closely on a long and fruitful collaboration, says general manager Geir Tore Jakobsen in Hepro AS.

A quality supplier

Since its inception in 1987, Hepro AS has grown to become a significant player in the assistive technology industry both in Norway and internationally. Aids from the Rognan-based company are currently available in institutions and private homes across large parts of the world. - Hepro is seen as a quality supplier. This has been more confirmed than ever in the last two years, and even during the corona pandemic. Being able to get technical aids and technology that allows disabled and elderly people to either stay in their own home, or live safely and with dignity in a nursing home or similar has great value, says Export Manager James Jacobs at Hepro AS.

Gripo is an important product

It is thus the unique support bar Gripo that the new agreement concerns mainly. This is a functional aid that is both unique and well-known in Norway. The product has roots dating back to the 90s, and was first known under the brand name Handystang. - Gripo is an important product in our portfolio, as it gives users a secure support in everyday life. The product also has great flexibility in relation to where it can be placed and what support it should provide. The aid is delivered from the city of Rognan, and we notice greater pressure on the logistics department when it comes to the increase in sales of Gripo, says department manager for technical aids at Hepro AS, Sanna Mikaelsen. - We already sell Gripo to many countries in most of the world. Among others I can mention Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Iceland and several countries in Europe.

Same goal

Hepro has for many years worked under the motto "live longer at home", and in accordance with an aging population and increased investment from the health service and the government, this philosophy is spreading more and more even in Canada. According to James Jacobs, the contract partnersfrom Bay Area Health Trust and Live Easy Inc. they have the same goals as Hepro. -"Aging in Place" is something the Ministry of Health in Canada has focused on. There are many seniors in our community, and the Canadian government has begun to address this. This is where the Bay Area Health Trust comes in, and together with Live Easy Inc., which knows the market very well, it is possible to realize the goal that the elderly can live longer at home with the help of products and services such as Gripo.