Google Analytics

1- What to measure. Learn some of the basic features in Google Analytics to get started with goals and meassuring of your website.

Audience overview Målgrupp/översikt
• Sessions
• Pages / session
• Average session duration

Audience /Geo MålgruppGeografisk/plats
• Location (sessions) export top 10 session/country

Acquistion/All traffic/Channels Förvärv/All trafik/kanal
• Channels (sessions) exporteratop 10 session/kanal.

Behaviour/Overview betende/översikt
• Most viewed pages sidvisningartop 10  and least 10

Draw trend curves on the KPIs and note your activities every month
How many followers on Linkedin


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Soapbox - Google Analytics 1- What to measure

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Overview - What to measure in Google Analytics.pdf

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