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Here you can find the Recording and Additional information from Beatrice Renucci.



Here you can find

The recording


Additional information from Beatrice Renucci, AddVision:

Here are the useful links to understand a bit better the licenses :


Also, this is for me (Beatrice) the main takeaway :

Do not use “Editorial Use Only” for any posts that you’re doing as a part of a paid campaign

A license is issued to you when you use Content in a design. Free Content licenses are issued at no cost. Pro Content Licenses are issued: (a) by paying, if you’re a free user; or (b) at no additional cost if you have a valid Canva subscription. Each Pro Content License allows you to use the Content in one design, so you must pay to obtain a new license each time you wish to use the same piece of Content in a new design. If you have a subscription, then a new license is automatically issued to you each time you use Content in a new design.